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Our international repatriation services are certainly the most challenging and rewarding of all the transports RED Air Guardian conducts. Many reasons for using an air ambulance and rescue when a person is injured in an accident or has an illness that forces him back to his home country. Our team handles communication with discharging facilities, medical procedures, visa requirements and documentation to ensure the safe transportation of critically ill patients.

The RED Air Guardian has provided services to customers around the world in some of the most challenging circumstances. The medical team at RED Air Guardian has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that patients are safely repatriated. So if you are trying to get yourself or your loved one safely back home, Call us or email us .


Bed to Bed transfer

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service includes on-ground transit support, an air ambulance, and a medical team. We take care of the entire process of transferring a patient right from the hospital bed to the destination hospital.

During the whole trip, our medical team consisting of a qualified doctor and highly trained paramedics constantly monitor the patient to take care of the patient for a smoother transit.


Rural Evacuation

In the event of an emergency, an air ambulance is the best solution when it comes to moving a patient from a rural area to a better health facility, as it is faster, reliable and equipped with a highly qualified medical team.

An air ambulance is fast and capable of transporting patients in dire need of emergency care to a hospital or other medical facility much faster than road ambulances. This can make an enormous difference in saving lives.


Remote Evacuation

During natural disasters there is a high rate of fatalities due to the difficulties associated with evacuating people by road. It is at times like these that an air ambulance is needed. Although evacuating from such places is challenging, our team is capable of performing the task.


Airport to Airport transfer

If you need medical transport from one airport to another, then RED Air Guardian is the company for you. Be it a commercial stretcher or a helicopter, we make sure our patients are safe . Our team of paramedics, doctors and logistics staff are experienced in emergency response.

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If you require reliable and trustworthy air ambulance services, RED Air Guardian is the best choice. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our patients and have a proven track record of providing exceptional care.

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